FPGA Feed Handlers *

The NovaSparks Ticker Plants provide trading firms with ultra-fast market data processing, book building and normalization into a single unified format. They are built using a pure FPGA approach, i.e. an approach where all the feed processing is performed in the FPGA to assure the lowest latency and the highest determinism possible.

Advanced pipelining and smart parallelization speed up NovaSparks Ticker Plants up to 10 times faster than their software counterparts on average and up to 100 times faster during market data bursts.

NovaSparks Ticker Plants are fully integrated and ready-to-use solutions. They do not require any FPGA programming knowledge. They are delivered as easy-to-deploy 2U modular appliances supporting multiple market feeds concurrently and offering a large number of output interfaces.

When deploying NovaSparks solutions, investment banks and trading firms can choose from a unmatched market feed coverage including all major equities and futures feeds from the US, Canada and Europe. They also have access to a long list of features and configuration options to adapt to their own environment and to meet consuming applications requirements.

The NovaSparks’ first generation feed handler was developed in 2008-2009 and deployed in 2010 with a large investment bank. Since then, NovaSparks has installed hundreds of pure FPGA based feed handlers in the field.

Key Advantages

NovaSparks Ticker Plants can execute at 10 times the speed of their software equivalent on average and up to 100 times during market data bursts
NovaSparks Ticker Plants are easy to integrate in a trading infrastructure
NovaSparks Ticker Plants are rolled-out into an easy-to-deploy and scalable 2U appliance
All the market data are normalized through the same SW or HW API

Introducing NovaTick a new paradigm for pure FPGA feed handlers

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