Integrating with NovaTick

Wire Format

All market data updates coming out of the NovaTick appliance are normalized into a single format across all markets, independently of geographies or asset classes. NovaSparks Wire Format (NSWF) is made of a comprehensive set of messages including incremental book updates, trades, auctions, imbalances, status, accumulated volumes, snapshots, price information… NSWF has been optimized for low latency and comes with a rich set of configurable options that allows it to adapt to each use case. The full description of the wire format is available to banks and trading firms who want to build the tightest possible integration.

Nova API

Nova API is a fully featured ultra-low latency C++ API allowing banks and trading firms to consume the all NovaTick output stream seamlessly across all markets, independently of geography or asset class. Consuming application have access to the data they are looking for including decoded wire format data as well as top of book information (L1), top N of book (L2) and full depth data (L3). Nova API also includes a reference data component and comes with a rich sets of ready to use examples.

Nova API is the easiest way to start consuming NovaTick data.

Key Advantages

Banks and Trading Firms can choose the integration model that best matches their needs.
Both Wire Format and API are normalized across all feeds. Integrating for one market is integrating for all.

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