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In an industry where secrecy is paramount, some of our customers have accepted to go public about using NovaSparks.

NovaSparks believes in forming meaningful business and technology partnerships that add value to our customers business. Our alliances are across managed service providers, system integrators and technology vendors.

RSJ algorithmic trading

RSJ a.s. (a joint-stock company) is the largest proprietary trader in the Czech Republic. The company is also fully licensed to operate as a brokerage firm and is regulated by the Czech National Bank. RSJ trades financial derivatives with yearly notional trading volume exceeding of 2 quadrillion (2 million of billions) CZK. Our company is the largest trader on NYSE Liffe. We have been actively trading at NYSE Liffe since 2000. In 2004, RSJ was appointed as a designated market maker. RSJ is also a very active trader on the CME in Chicago.

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National Bank Financial

With $80 billion in assets under administration, National Bank Financial is a fully-integrated investment dealer combining retail advisory and brokerage services with institutional brokerage, investment banking, corporate finance, and securities clearing for third parties. National Bank Financial offers its services to more than 400,000 clients. Its Financial Markets division has a major presence in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal, as well as operations in the United States and Europe.

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Colt provides high bandwidth and voice services for enterprises and wholesale customers in Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs. Colt enables the digital transformation of businesses through its intelligent, purpose-built, cloud-integrated network, known as the Colt IQ Network. It connects over 700 data centres around the globe, with over 24,500 on-net buildings and growing, and provides voice services in 21 countries. Colt is also recognised as an innovator and pioneer in software defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV). 

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Thesys Technologies LLC

Thesys Technologies LLC is the technology affiliate of Tradeworx, serving the high-performance technology needs of market participants with the mission of democratizing the spread of top tier technology within the financial sector. Thesys offers the fastest and most comprehensive front-to-back trading solution on the market, in addition to matching engine, risk check, data, cloud-based analytics, and surveillance technology, putting investors and traders on a level playing field with the world’s most sophisticated financial firms. Thesys maintains a leadership position within the automated trading industry and its systems currently handle approximately 5% of US Equities total daily trading volume.

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Fixnetix provides market data, trading access, liquidity venue connectivity and pre-trade risk management for Market Makers, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and Proprietary Trading Houses globally. By facilitating low latency, resilient and secure trading, Fixnetix enhances operational efficiencies for the world’s electronic trading communities.Fixnetix offers NovaSparks FPGA-based appliances on a managed services basis to clients at Fixnetix colocation sites thoughout the globe.

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Itiviti is a world-leading technology provider for the capital markets industry. Trading firms, banks, brokers and institutional clients rely on Itiviti technology, solutions and expertise for streamlining their daily operations, while gaining sustainable competitive edge in global markets.With 13 offices and serving more than 400 customers worldwide, Itiviti was formed by uniting Orc Group, a leader in trading and electronic execution, and CameronTec Group, the global standard in financial messaging infrastructure and connectivity. From its foundation in 2016, Itiviti has a staff of 400 and an estimated annual revenue of SEK 700 million.Itiviti is committed to continuous innovation to deliver trading infrastructure built for today’s dynamic markets, offering highly adaptable platforms and solutions, enabling clients to stay ahead of competitive and regulatory challenges. Itiviti is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII.

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Metamako is a technology company that specialises in solutions for latency sensitive businesses. It was founded by Scott Newham, Dave Snowdon and Charles Thomas who have a background in ultra-low latency hardware, software and algorithmic trading. Metamako is headquartered in the harbour city of Sydney, Australia. Our location gives us a global perspective across Europe, America and Asia, and the sunny location rubs off on the attitude our people. .

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Solarflare and NovaSparks recently announced that they have combined forces to launch a full-FPGA tick-to-trade development platform for market makers, high-frequency traders, and large banks. The FPGA platform represents the integration of NovaTick, the NovaSparks pure FPGA ticker-plant for market data, and Solarflare’s AOE Nanosecond TCP Stack (ANTS) for the trading algorithm and the order execution. It demonstrates tick-to-trade latencies that only FPGAs can deliver, slashes development time, and is available today from NovaSparks. .

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What our customers and partners had to say about NovaSparks

“There, too, we realized that it's good for us to focus on things that we feel we're unique at, and not building everything ourselves. Five years ago, if someone came to me with a handler claiming to be faster than ours, transferring between the network card and operating system, I would have been skeptical. But every time I talk to them, I'm surprised to find how well they know what they're doing, and listening to us to design for what we need.”

Michal SanakCIO

“Integrating the NovaSparks technology in our trading architecture has allowed us to benefit from the ultra-low latency and determinism that only a pure FPGA solution can deliver. NovaSparks solutions come with scalability, flexibility and innovation. ”

Etienne DubucHead of Equity Derivatives Trading

“Capital Markets firms face significant challenges to remain competitive. A number of our customers have expressed interest in a managed FPGA market data solution, combining ultra-low latency and flexibility to help them succeed – and without upfront investment costs. At Colt, we thrive on putting customers first and setting the benchmark for customer experience. That’s why we are pleased to bring to market this cost-effective solution that addresses our customers’ requirements and further enhances the Colt Capital Markets portfolio”

Andrew HousdenVice President, Capital Markets

“NovaSparks is pioneering 100% pure FPGA solutions which we expect will dominate the tick-to-trade landscape in the future.”

Ahmet HousseinVice President of Marketing

“As an established financial technology provider, Fixnetix prides itself on customer retention and satisfaction. Successfully deploying the NovaSparks FPGA-based appliance for Asperatus Capital allows our customer to focus on what's important: trading.”

Hugh HughesChief Executive

“Itivit is continuously investing in R&D to ensure clients can adopt the newest technology with 100% compatibility to their current trading algos. Our close integration with NovaSparks' Deterministic Market Data Matrix© gives clients an immediate and seamless path to increase their trading performance without any modifications to their current trading programs.”

Joakim DahlstedtCTO

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Introducing NovaTick a new paradigm for pure FPGA feed handlers

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