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NovaSparks is the ideal partner for your FPGA-based trading projects, whether you are looking at decoding, managing, distributing market data and/or placing/cancelling orders based on triggering conditions and trading decision. NovaSparks brings a high degree of experience, flexibility and agility, allowing for a very high level of service and customization.

Building in-house FPGA teams is very costly with a questionable return-on-investment, as harvesting the benefits of FPGA technology requires overcoming several challenges:

  • Programming challenges: Verilog and VHDL are very low level languages where simple functions can sometimes require hundreds of lines of code.
  • People challenges: Verilog/VHDL programmers are a scarce resource compare to C or C++ programmers. Only few of them understand the financial market specificities and challenges.
  • Arbitration between software and hardware: Not everything will benefit from a hardware implementation. Identifying ahead of time what part of the infrastructure can be implemented in FPGA and deliver significant performance improvement as a result requires a lot of experience in both software and hardware programming.
  • Choice of hardware: There are multiple FPGA vendors and dozens of FPGA cards available on the market. Choosing the right one for an application is essential to deliver the desired end result.
  • Testing and integrations: Programming, testing and integrating FPGA solutions require a unique set of tools and significant experience, often very different from traditional software environments.

Key Advantages

Novasparks can give you the resource you need to complete your projects in a timely manners
Novasparks knows how to protect your highly confidential trading projects
NovaSparks hardware platforms are built for the financial industry
NovaSparks extensive libraries of cores are designed for low latency and high throughput

Introducing NovaTick a new paradigm for pure FPGA feed handlers

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