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NovaTick™: The NovaSparks Ticker Plant

NovaTick is a fully integrated ticker plant solution targeting the most demanding customers unwilling to compromise speed and determinism, for scalability and functionality.  NovaTick normalizes 75 market data feeds into a single wire format that can be consumed natively in hardware (FPGAs) or by software applications on servers. This format can also be consumed by software applications through an advanced market data API provided by NovaSparks.

Advanced pipelining and smart parallelization speed up NovaSparks Ticker Plants up to 10 times faster than their software counterparts on average and up to 100 times faster during market data bursts.

NovaTick relies on several architectural pillars that have made NovaTick technology unique in the market place:

  • A pure FPGA architecture combining up to 4 large capacity FPGAs
  • An easy to deploy and modular appliance
  • A versatile fan-out capability
  • Intel CPUs for non-latency sensitive tasks such configuration, exchange recovery functions, reference data or performance monitoring

NovaTick incorporates all the functionalities of a true ticker plant:


  • A/B arbitration
  • Wireless/Fiber Arbitration
  • Retransmission and Recovery
  • PTP time stamping

Data Processing:

  • Decoding and parsing
  • Order book building
  • Market consolidation (BBO or in-Depth)
  • Lot aggregation
  • Shaping/conflation for wireless infrastructures
  • Advanced filtering and distribution


  • Software API for servers
  • Normalized, fast and easy to parse message format
  • Hardware API (bus) for FPGAs
  • L1 (Top of Book), L2 (Top N of Book) or L3 (Full Depth) data and full lot BBO publication
  • Snapshot for late joiners
  • Multicast Ethernet, PCIe or NovaLink (for FPGAs) output distribution options

As an example, a single NovaTick appliance can decode the main US equities exchange feeds (CBOE, NYSE and Nasdaq) with the SIP, build the order books for all the symbols and generate a normalized format for all their feeds, while consolidating them into a fast NBBO.

Key Advantages

NovaTick is 10 times faster than traditional software ticker plant on average and 100 times faster during market burst
NovaTick offloads the commoditized portion of the market data delivery in the most effective and reliable way
NovaTick includes advanced capabilities to transport market data through wireless networks

NovaTick Appliance: a new paradigm for Ticker Plant

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