NovaTick: The NovaSparks Ticker Plant

NovaTick is a fully integrated ticker plant solution targeting the most demanding customers unwilling to compromise speed and determinism, for scalability and functionality.  NovaTick normalizes market data feeds from a catalogue of 6o markets into a single format that can be consumed natively in HW (FPGA) or SW (servers), or through an advanced market data API.

NovaTick relies on several architectural pillars that have made NovaTick technology unique in the market place:

  • A pure FPGA architecture
  • An easy to deploy and modular 2U appliance
  • Intel CPUs for non latency sensitive tasks such exchange recovery functions, reference data or monitoring
  • A versatile fan-out capability

NovaTick incorporate all the functionalities of a true ticker plant:

  • Input:
    • A/B arbitration
    • Retransmission and Recovery
    • PTP time stamping
  • Data Processing:
    • Decoding and parsing
    • Book building
    • Advanced filtering
  • Output:
    • Normalized, fast and easy to parse message format
    • L1 (Top of Book), L2 (Top N of Book) or L3 (Full Depth) data
    • Snapshot for late joiners
    • Multicast Ethernet, PCIe DMA and NovaLink (for FPGAs) output distribution options

Key Advantages

NovaTick is 10 times faster than traditional software ticker plant on average and 100 times faster during market burst
NovaTick 2U appliance is easy to integrate in a trading infrastructure
NovaTick normalized the market data into a single format across asset classes

Introducing NovaTick a new paradigm for pure FPGA feed handlers

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