NovaTick PCIe Card
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NovaTick can be deployed as a standalone PCIe card that can be installed in any trading server. Built on the same underlying hardware as the NovaTick appliance modules, the NovaTick PCIe card can be used with the same feeds and deliver the same performance and functionalities. NovaTick PCIe card reduces the total cost of ownership of the solution and is particularly interesting for deployments involving a small number of servers and/or a small number of feeds. NovaTick PCIe card is also the perfect platform for any hardware tick to trade solution.

Key Advantages

NovaTick PCIe Card lowers total cost of ownership when deploying NovaTick for a small number of servers
NovaTick PCIe Card offers same latency, coverage and feature set as NovaTick Appliance
NovaTick PCIe Card is the perfect platform for your pure FPGA Tick to Trade needs

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