NovaSparks Boosts the Capacity and Versatility of NovaTick by Launching its 4th Generation Ticker Plant

By 2018 January 31st, 2019 Press Release

The award-winning NovaTick now multiplies the instrument density by 10 and unleashes new consumption and integration models.


NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS- October 15, 2018 – NovaSparks™, the leading field programmable gate array (FPGA) market data company, today announced that its 4th generation NovaTick decreases latency by 20% and can process 10 times the number of symbols. The new platform is a stepping stone for the introduction of new consumption and integration models. Now more than ever, NovaTick will allow banks and trading firms to accelerate their trading platform without any compromise on scalability or feature-set.

In addition to the appliance model, the 4th generation NovaTick will also be available as a PCIe card that banks and trading firms can install in their own trading server to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). NovaTick will also offer customers the ability to embed their trading logic on the NovaSparks’ FPGA itself which is as close to the feed handler as possible.

“We are proud to bring our robust 4th generation ticker plant to market,” said Luc Burgun, president and CEO of NovaSparks. “Our 10-year experience with pure FPGA solutions demonstrates our ability to provide scalability, openness, and versatility to clients who are looking to reduce their latency in a cost-efficient manner. With the new NovaTick, banks and trading firms will not have to give up on instrument density, feed coverage, or consumption models. The increase in NovaTick’s instrument capacity will enable full coverage of the U.S. cash equity options markets, while its new PCIe form factor will offer a deployment option with a much lower TCO.”

NovaSparks designs custom hardware with standard form-factor dedicated to satisfying or exceeding the extraordinary requirements of the capital market industry. NovaTick is based on the largest Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA chip and is packed with a unique footprint: high-speed and high-capacity memories. Existing NovaSparks customers will be able to upgrade to the new hardware without any change to the output format, the API, or the management and configuration software. When compared to the previous generation platform, the new NovaTick delivers an instant 20% average latency reduction for the U.S. Equity markets down to 600 nanoseconds and a 30% reduction for CME down to 450 nanoseconds, measured wire-to-wire.

NovaTick is built on an FPGA-centric architecture, augmented with tightly integrated multi-core Intel processors to support non-latency sensitive tasks such as exchange recovery functions. NovaSparks’ ticker plant offers a comprehensive application programming interface (API) supporting multiple publication levels and use models, that empowers banks and trading firms to take advantage of NovaTick quickly and effortlessly.

NovaTick 4th generation platform is available for evaluation immediately in its appliance form-factor. The PCIe card form-factor will be available at the end of January 2019.

About NovaSparks, Inc.

NovaSparks is the leader in scalable FPGA-based high-performance market data solutions for the financial industry. NovaTick, its flagship product, can deliver sub microsecond processing latency for the entire trading cycle and for the full universe of instruments, even during market peak periods. Available for over 60 feeds among the major Equity, Futures and Options venues across North America, Europe and Asia, the feed handlers are packaged in easy-to-deploy appliances and PCIe cards offering extensive fan-out capabilities for market data distribution. Market data processed in NovaTick can be consumed in software or hardware through a multi-level publication API. Founded in 2008 and backed by well-established investors, NovaSparks’ offices are located in Paris and Nantes, France and New York, USA.

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