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NovaSparks is Voted Best High Performance Data Feed Handler

By 2024March 13th, 2024Press Release

The Readership of Trading Technology Insight Europe Recognizes NovaSparks, the Leading FPGA-powered Market Data Company for Offering the Best High Performance Data Feed Handler

NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS – March 11, 2024 –The Trading Tech Insight Europe Awards recognize excellence in trading solutions and services, and focus on vendors providing exceptional trading infrastructure, trading technology and data solutions to capital markets participants in Europe. This year, NovaTick the scalable and versatile FPGA-based Feed Handler Platform has been awarded in the Best Performance Data Feed Handler Category

“We would like to thank our clients for recognizing and rewarding our efforts year after year,” said Luc Burgun, chief executive officer and president of NovaSparks. “Our high performance feed handlers are being deployed in the most demanding trading infrastructures and this award shows that NovaTick not only outperforms the fastest software and hybrid ticker plants but also offers greater scalability and versatility than any customized FPGA based feed handler solution, and at only a fraction of the cost.

Loïc, Sapna and Cliff at the Awards Ceremony

This award comes after a year marked with innovation during which the company deployed its PCIe FPGA Card solution on multiple European Stock Exchanges, offering European banks and trading firms the ability to reduce their end-to-end trading latencies even further.

Trading algorithms access the market data faster, and process exactly the data they need. Furthermore, the whole software trading stack is accelerated as more processing resources are freed up for its execution. Alternatively, traders can choose to take advantage of faster trading servers with fewer processing cores.

About NovaSparks

NovaSparks is the leader in FPGA-based high performance and ultra-low latency trading solutions for financial markets. NovaTick , its flagship Ticker Plant product, supports 75 feeds across the major Equities, Futures and Options trading venues in North America, Europe and Asia. It is packaged in scalable ‘easy-to-deploy’ appliances or in ‘tightly coupled’ PCIe cards.

NovaSparks scalable and deterministic feed handlers deliver normalized market data, including order book building and multi-feed consolidation with sub microsecond processing latency, even during market peaks period. Deterministic performance is extended to the whole trading cycle, whether the trading algorithms are implemented in software or in hardware. NovaTick™ also includes advanced built-in functions to support and optimize the use of wireless infrastructures.

The company is headquartered in Paris (France), New York City (USA) and has offices in London (UK), Nantes (France), Athens (Greece) and Bangkok (Thailand).

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